R&M in Canadian Plastics Magazine



Keep your eyes open for the November 2013 issue of Canadian Plastics Magazine where there is a feature on R&M Plastics called “Doing it Better”.

In this article you will get great incites about the history of R&M, how we have sustained as a business since 1966, our new product launches including R&M Drinking Straws, R&M Products and Services and R&M Pole Line Products. It is a great article written by Mark Stephen that can be read online here: View article PDF.

This is the second time R&M has been featured in the magazine. The first time was in March in 1986 on a feature titles “All in the Family” written by Mickey Falcone and like the original piece this article talks about a son following in the footsteps of his father in the company plastic business. Three generations is an impressive achievement for any business succession and R&M has been able to achieve this.

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